Print in spot colours

Fotodruck BeispielDetailansicht des Siebdrucks auf LuftballonsIn total, balloon printing can be realised with up to 8 spot colours.
The colours are printed as spot/special colour (similar to HKS and Pantone).
1-coloured prints can be realized on up to 4 side of our balloons.

Prints with up to 5 spot colours may be printed on two balloon sides. From five colours on upwards, printing is also possible on one side of the balloon.
With prints with up to 5 colours and multilateral imprints, an offset may appear between the colours due, since the balloon is a very flexible print medium. For highest precision with a big printing area, please select the CMYK print. If you have selected more than five colours, the balloon designer automatically uses the CMYK print.
When using colourful balloons please note that we may need to add a white layer beforehand.  In this case, only seven colours may be used for printing your artwork.

Find some examples of prints with spot colours below:

Luftballon-Referenzballon Berlitz Kids & Teens

screen print 5 spot colours
blue, red, cyan, yellow, green
standard balloon white

  Luftballon-Siebdruck Bitburger Passion screen print 3 spot colours
white, gold, black
standard balloon red
  Luftballon-Siebdruck Tollkids screen print 2 spot colours
orange, white
crystal balloon purple
  Luftballon-Siebdruck Nick-Das Lädchen screen print 5 spot colours
yellow, orange, blue, red, grey
standard balloon


Photo (CMYK)

Detailansicht des CMYK-Fotodrucks auf LuftballonsBy using the screened scale print (Euroscale), nearly every colour, colour levelling and halftones can be displayed with the CMYK-print colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). This print type is really meant for photos and multicoloured logos. In addition to the CMYK imprint, you may use up to three more colours - for example to use spot-colours. That’s helpful e.g. to display fonts better and more colourful.

The photo(CMYK) print is only possible on one balloon side.

Find some examples of our photo/euro scale (CMYK)-print below:

CMYK-Luftballondruck Zahn-Zauberwelt CMYK print
euroscale + white
crystal balloon blue
  CMYK-Luftballondruck Kinderreich Rems-Murr CMYK print
standard balloon white
  CMYK-Luftballondruck Lindner Ferienpark CMYK print
euroscale + white
standard balloon green
  CMYK-Luftballondruck MC MotoCar CMYK-print
standard balloon white

Please note:
The balloon is an extremely elastic medium. Printed balloons gain a certain level of transparance when they are inflated, thus stretching the print; the printing colours can appear different. The balloon colour influences the appearance of the print as well. The printed colours may vary in intensity depending on the air or gas quantity.
If you are uncertain in selecting the type of print or if you have other questions, please feel free to contact our sales team by using the direct contact form or our online chat.

Print sides

4-seitiger Siebdruck auf LuftballonsZweiseitiger Siebdruck auf Luftballons1-coloured prints can be realised on up to 4 sides on the balloon (left).

For 2-sided prints (right) you can use up to 5 colours, examples:
1st side: 4 colours / 2nd side: 1 colour
or 1st side: 2 colours / 2nd side: 3 colours.