Foil balloons

Joy, happiness and fun - that is what you give with these beautiful foil balloons, ranging from animal balloons to a fairy balloon, a princess balloon, or heart balloons.

The foil balloons availble online in our shop are perfect for a variety of events. Decorate a child's birthday celebration with a lion balloon, a little crocodile, a monkey, or many other balloon animals. We also offer Happy Birthday garlands, heart balloons in different colours, or number balloon with animal print. A dog, monkey, giraffe, fox, snake, zebra, worm, tiger, gecko are among the balloon selection we offer. But clown balloons, pirate balloons, princess balloons or a soccer or football balloon are also among our large selection of theme balloons. Balloon decorations for a birth, birthday or first day of school are easy to create with our balloons.

Among the Westeifel foil balloons, there are also balloons for adults, such as for a wedding or anniversary. Buy our foil number balloons in gold or silver numbers, they are perfect for such occasions. Celebrate a wedding anniversary, work anniversary or milestone birthday with these balloons. Our Welcome Baby or Baby Shower balloons are great for celebrating the birth of a baby or hosting a baby shower for a mum-to-be. You can also use them as presents for Mother's Day, Father's Day or other family holidays. Big number balloons are an easy but impressive decoration idea for a birthday or other party.

Find the right balloons for Valentine's Day parties, engagements or proposals, or for wedding receptions among our selection of heart-shaped balloons, wedding balloons, or bride and groom balloons.

If your perfect balloon is not among our selection, head on over to our balloon designer. You'll finde a range of balloon colours and sizes to choose from. Simply select the right balloon for you and upload your graphics file for your personalized balloons. No idea what you want? Have a look at the different motives already available and customize your balloon with one or more of them. Our balloon shop has the right balloon for you.

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5 verschiedene Folienballons "Minions" zum Thema Kindergeburtstag  "Ich einfach unverbesserlich"
€ 16.20
Incl. Tax , excl. Shipping Costs
Folienballon-Set Thema Minions, 3 Minton-Folienballons und 2 orange Folienballons in Sternform. Plus 30 Standard Ballons in gelb, orange und blau.
€ 19.10
Incl. Tax , excl. Shipping Costs
Große "4" als Folienballon in orange/gelb, Tiermotiv: Schlange.
€ 6.90
Incl. Tax , excl. Shipping Costs