Gas-filled balloons rising into the blue sky above a market place

Printed balloons – huge in effect – small in price

Our aim: presenting every customer with an individual solution for their request, now and in the future. Benefit from our more than 30 years experience in balloon printing technology which enables you to realise your promotional and decorational ideas. Learn more about our colourful world of balloon printing and the advantages offered to you as our customer!
Benefit from balloons as great decoration and promotional ideas, a striking advertising space, easy handling and small storage space. Inspire your customers! Balloons are magical and will attract attention.
Where there's balloons, there's fun to be had!

Attraction makes a successful promotion!


A wedding decoration made with balloons spelling out YES in German

Decoration sets – saving you time!

You have the occasion – we have the decoration idea!
Company anniversary, events, special sales, Halloween, sport championships, New year’s eve, summer party – the various occasions are as manifold as our patented decoration sets with which everyone can create a professional balloon decoration in their desired colours.

Find our balloon decoration sets for weddings, birthdays, and special events here.

Decoration sets – astonishing and exciting!





Precise multi-colour print in white, gold, black on a red balloon

Quality from A–Z!
Balloon printing made in Germany!

We have a high responsibilty for our environment and for our customers. All of our production processes are accomplished due to DQS 2011. We are one of the Europe's leading personalised balloon printers.
Regarding to the processing of your artwork, you can rely on the scrutiny of our repro experts. Only when the artwork is perfect and has a perfect preparation the production will start. Careful and precise – a completely sure thing!

Quality doesn’t come by itself – but on order!



Balloons are being lined up in the balloon printing machines.

100 % natural latex - 100 % biodegradable!

Latex balloons are produced from the sap of the rubber tree. It is a pure natural product, which gets vulcanized by adding less than 0,1% sulfur. The colour pigments used for the balloon production are food-grafe colours. Our balloons are exclusively made in Europe. They are checked for nitrosamines regularly by independent institutions.
We have a high responsibilty for our environment, for our customers and our staff. Balloons are biodegradable under influence of heat and sunlight. Balloons are subject to the European toy standard.

Certainly a good conscience!




Forest of rubber trees.

Flexible production – fast and reliable.

For the “German Pharmacy Day”, 3 million personalised balloons needed to be printed and delivered to 1,800 pharmacies across Germany. The challenge: 3 weeks – from placing the order to the delivery! From the buying of the raw materials through the repro and production of balloon proofs up to the production of the total amount we needed 16 working days. But don’t worry – smaller orders we fulfill just as reliable. Not only are balloons packed in the desired units by our staff – we can also assemble other products for you.

Packaging – benefit from synergy effects!


Photos: Sura Nualpradid/ (rubber trees)