Balloon gas helium – cylinder JUMBO for appr. 25 balloon fillings – self pickup

helium cylinder from "Balloon Time" for filling appr. 25 balloons in size B95 circumference or appr. 25 foil balloons with a diameter of 46 cm. Material: 18 bar steel canister, height: 50 cm, weight: appr. 5 kg; No insular or overseas delivery
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The cylinder is filled with 100% helium and has a capacity of 0,42m³/ 22,49 liter. The cylinder is equipped with a valve and manufactured according to EUR norm EN 12205-1. It is not recyable and can not be refilled.
The handling is very simple. Open the canister using the green handle. Slip the ballon neck onto nozzle until the neck fits thightly and slip on the quick strip to close the balloon afterwards. Now press down the valve so that helium can flow into the balloon. Once you have the desired quantity, take the quick strip and tie the balloon shut with the quick strip. Now close the green handle.
Latex balloons in size B95 filled with helium keep appr. 4 - 6 hours (including a competition card of 3 g). The balloon sizes B85, B105 and heart balloons don't carry a competition card and they keep the helium for appr. 2 hours. Foil balloons have a durability of 4 days when filled with helium. The durability can change depending on temperature, humidity, air pressure.
Delivery does not include balloons or quick strips.  

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