Create your DIY Halloween decoration with balloons and find the right ballon decoration ideas here. Black and orange are the Halloween classics. Find them in our Halloween balloon column, balloon arch or balloon garland sets. Also available is a set for making your own balloon spiders as a spooky Halloween decoration and craft project for Halloween. You can also use our white latex balloons for a spooky ghost balloon column or a set for balloon ghosts. 

Welcome your guests with the scary balloon garland in orange and black, or use the balloons to create a balloon arch for your guests to enter your lair. Add fairy lights or LED lights and light up your balloon decoration for a party to make it extra impressive. Balloon ghosts and pumpkin face balloons will do the rest.

With our patented EASY-FIX balloon decoration set, you can also create a wreath or crown made of balloons to suspend from the ceiling or hang on the walls. Decorate it with spiderwebs for a spooky Halloween party decoration. With these ideas and our products it’s easy to design a scary and wonderful Halloween decoration.

Printed balloons with your own design are also a great treat for Halloween. Add them to the candy for trick or treaters, or hand them out at other occasions. A great addition for a witch party, a vampire party or a scary Halloween party. Order personalised balloons for Halloween to use as a decoration for your shop or retail space, too.

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