Balloon decoration

With our patented EASY-FIX balloon deco kits, creating a balloon decoration is easy. We offer great balloon decoration ideas for parties, anniversaries, graduations and events for companies or business events. Choose between different colour versions of our EASY-FIX deco kits to match your team colours, school colours or corporate identity for events and create the perfect decoration for a holiday party, summer party, Christmas party, and many more. The different colours of our balloon deco sets are also great if you have specific colours for a wedding or other event - your decoration will match perfectly. Instruction manuals for creating balloon arches or other decorations are also included in the EASY-FIX kits.

For a personal touch, you can spell out letters or numbers with the decor kits.These sets are great for anniversaries or graduations to spell out years or other important dates. Give every event venue or location a personal touch with your individual balloon set decoration. Set up a simple balloon decoration in no time at all.

For professional use at big events we recommend the EASY-FIX decoration system in MAXI, with a size of up to 1.90 metres / ca. 6 ft. For private events, we recommend the EASY-FIX MINI system with a size of 95 centimetres / 3 ft. Create a balloon arch or other simple balloon decoration with the frame contained in each EASY-FIX balloon decoration set.

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