Balloon deco set: "Oktoberfest"

Content: 20 balloons with imprint, 20 plain balloons in the colours blue and white, 10 plastic sticks, 2m decoration cord
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Set content:

20 balloons with logo (O' zapft is, Wies'n Party, Bavarian lozenges)
20 balloons plain in blue and white
10 plastic sticks, 2 m decoration cord;

Our decoration tip: The set is sufficient for decorating 3 tables with balloons and plastic sticks, for example in vases. For a special effect, you could also place the balloons in a bierstein. Fix the remaining balloons on a threar or cord and use them as an Octoberfest garland.

Our second tip for the perfect Octoberfest decoration: a balloon "honour guard". In a wooden rail of approx. 2 metres length, drill a hole every 20 or 40 cm. Fill the balloons using helium, close them up using the holding rods in the set and fix them on the wood. Line them up along the entryway to your Octoberfest location to show your guests the way and set the mood from the very beginning of your party.

The balloons contain the print O'zapft is with the image of beer mugs, or the print Wies'n Party with an image of Bavarian pretzels.

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